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SEO: the key to winning customers through search engines

Search Engine Optimisation - kurz: SEO

Effective and successful SEO to get the best search engine rankings

ad-Shot is your SEO agency. We consistently do our work based on the latest research and are always 100% transparent! Don’t wait any longer: together, we’ll reach your customers.

Search Engine Optimization: a Classic

Attracting new customers through search engines requires optimal visibility and a perfect SEO strategy. Good content, your site’s structure, and a good network make all the difference in the world when you’re trying to move up the search rankings lists.
Any good SEO strategy stands on 3 legs: on-page, off-page, and extensive competition analysis.

After we review these results, we can identify effective strategies for your website that are guaranteed to succeed.
Of course, we also take into account the particular aspects of your industry, your product margins, and your competitive situation when developing your strategy.
We always do SEO as all-encompassing process: that’s the only way we can create custom backlink profile for you and adapt the back-end of your site to best meet the requirements for top-ranked sites. We use our many years of experience in search engine optimization to insure your links grow in popularity and thus propel you up the rankings charts on all relevant search engines.

Outstanding quality at the best conditions

In 2016, we successfully completed the Google Digital Workshop for SEO agencies. Our many years of experience and expertise and our customer’s high levels of satisfaction with their SEO results set us apart.
We deliver the best quality at top conditions!

Only long-term SEO ensure higher placement

Recent studies and surveys have shown that 80% of internet users only look at the first two pages of search results. Consequently, you’re going to want your website to be in those first two pages if you want to generate new visitors. Without professional, effective, and long-term optimization of your website and backlink structure, however, your site will soon disappear deep into the dark corners of search results. If your site is very difficult or impossible for your potential customers to find, then any investment in your online presence would be in vain.

ad-Shot creates links

ad-Shot is the perfect team to support the search-engine optimization of your site. We will refine your website profile, ensure strong link popularity, and effectively generate top placements that last. In addition, you also profit from working with us, since we offer the best service at the best prices.

An overview of our services

Analysis of your current situation

In the first step, we perform a comprehensive analysis of all your site’s indexed pages. We check whether all of the relevant pages have been indexed appropriately (this isn’t always the case). We also analyze any current SEO you might have set up and see where we might need to build links or corrections.


Transparency is our greatest asset. We send individual reports of ranking positions, user numbers, and current trends, innovations, and changes from your specific industry. You will also receive periodic updates and actions to continuously improve your performance.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization are things that can be done to improve your site’s functionality and attractiveness to search engines and users alike. These include:
various adjustments to the source code to meet the latest technical standards and findings,
a critical look under the hood (the information architecture) of your website,
the integration of regular innovations for a particular added value.
Another key aspect is to create more elaborate content.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization works on the long-term establishment of a high-quality system of backlinks. Intentionally avoiding short-lived, artificial link networks is particularly important here. This is the only way to achieve a sustainable result. We rely on modern PR standards and good contacts from the publishing world as well as an in-house editorial office.

Continuous work

Another prerequisite for successful SEO is continuous professional support. Frequent changes to search engine algorithms as well as constantly changing ranking criteria require regular revisions and adjustments.


An important part of search engine optimization is building links. High-quality backlink structures are the only way sites can ensure the best rankings in search results lists. Bad link building will do more damage to your site than you might imagine. That’s why we offer our separate link building service to support you on the path to the best rankings possible.

SEO Lite is our affordable, entry-level professional SEO service. We use our professional tools and years of experience to ensure professional analysis and continuous monitoring of your web project. We also refer to SEO Lite as „passive SEO.“

We analyze, monitor, create lists of priorities, and then provide easy-to-implement instructions to our clients.

This division of labor saves a massive amount of work, which in turn can reduce the cost without compromising the quality or results.

It also has the good side effect of helping your team acquire its own SEO skills since they’ll be actively involved in implementing our recommendations.

In this way, all of the necessary on-page measures can be optimized effectively at a lower cost while avoiding errors and other flaws.