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ad-Shot is your agency for SEO according to the latest insights and always remains 100% transparent! Daily 3.5 billion Google search queries = an almost inexhaustible potential of new customers. Don't wait any longer, together we will reach your customers.

Search engine optimization - The classic

Attracting new customers via search engines requires high visibility and an associated elaborate SEO strategy. Good content, the correct information architecture and the right contacts make the difference. Each strategy relies on 3 pillars as a basic requirement: OnPage, OffPage and competitor analysis. After a successful and evaluated analysis, effective and success-guaranteeing measures for your homepage as well as a link portfolio can be derived and optimized.

Of course, we also include your wishes, industry peculiarities and product margins as well as the competitive situation in the development of our strategy. Search engine optimization is always done in an all-encompassing way. Only in this way we can regularly adjust the backlink structures and configurations optimally according to the given requirements. Due to the many years of experience of our employees in search engine optimization, we also guarantee an increase in link popularity and ranking in all relevant search engines.

Only sustainable SEO wins places and rises

Current studies and surveys have shown that 80% of Internet users only look at the first two results pages of the search query. The conclusion from this is that your own website must rank accordingly high in order to generate new visitors. Without a professional, effective and sustainable optimization of your website and backlink structure, it can be assumed that your website will disappear in the endless nirvana of search results and will be very difficult or even impossible for your potential customers to find. All investments in your own web presence would be in vain.

The SEO measures

  • 01Analysis of the status quo
  • 02OnPage optimization
  • 03OffPage optimization
  • 04Linkbuilding
  • 05Transparent work
  • 06Continuous work

Analysis of the status quo
The first step is a comprehensive analysis of all indexed pages of your website. We check whether all relevant pages are indexed as desired or whether pages are perhaps unintentionally indexed. Furthermore, we analyze the ACTUAL status of the SEO work and see where we need to tie or correct if necessary.

OnPage optimization
OnPage optimization includes all optimization measures that are carried out directly on your homepage in order to make the page more search engine and user-friendly. This includes: Various adjustments of the source code according to the latest technical standards, a critical look at the information architecture of the website and the integration of regular news for a special added value. An additional key function is also elaborately designed content.

OffPage optimization
OffPage optimization serves the sustainable development of a high-quality backlink structure. A conscious avoidance of short-lived, artificial link networks is particularly important for us. This is the only way to achieve a sustainable result. We rely on modern PR standards and good contacts from the publishing world as well as an in-house editorial magazine fleet.

An essential component of search engine optimization is, among other things, link building. Homepages can only achieve the best rankings in the search results through appropriately high-quality backlink structures. Poor link building will harm your website. That's why we are happy to support you on your way to the best possible rankings with our separate link building service.

Transparent work
Transparency is our most important asset. We send out individual reports every 14 days with ranking positions, user numbers and current trends, innovations and changes from your specific industry. Furthermore, you will receive new measures and actions for the continuous, sustainable increase of your performance at regular intervals.

Ongoing work
Another basic requirement of successful SEO measures is the professional and continuous support of one's own website. Frequent changes in search engine algorithms as well as constantly changing ranking criteria require regular revisions and adjustments.

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