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With SEO-Lite to the top


SEO Lite is the cheap SEO alternative from ad-shot – working together for better rankings

With our new product SEO Lite we offer a cheap SEO alternative for everyone. Especially small and medium-sized companies scare in part, if they seek an SEO offer of an agency. The very high sum without directly measurable success is often difficult internally „durchzuwinken“.

The high sum is not just about – SEO is associated with a lot of time. The necessary measures can not be automated and must always be implemented individually and manually. The corresponding working time is the biggest cost factor.

Furthermore, of course, special tools are needed, the know-how to use them correctly and efficiently, and to be generally up-to-date on the subject of SEO.

By saving the big cost of working time we can provide this offer so cheap!

We provide input, analysis and work instructions, you implement. Naturally, we also receive the corresponding monitoring of the changes.


What counts is success. Rising rankings and better visibility effectively lead to more traffic and sales. Moreover, this success is not only of short duration, such as When placing ads, it is a constant, making it a worthwhile investment in your website. With SEO Lite you have not only found an effective solution for the necessary SEO work, but you can also reap the satisfying feeling to have achieved something yourself.

Cheapest SEO solution

SEO Lite is a lot cheaper compared to a classic SEO service – without sacrificing quality! We achieve this by saving on the biggest cost factor: working hours. We bring you as the „executor“ of the required optimizations on board and work together to optimize your site. With qualitative guidance and guidance on our part, we achieve optimal results with the fairest pricing.

Learning effect included!

SEO Lite could also be considered as a continuous SEO seminar. You receive professional input in the form of guidance on the necessary measures as well as a monitoring of your work and the development of the implemented measures. Also in case of mistakes or negative development we correct together. In contrast to a seminar or a training is not worked with theoretical contents, but practically (under professional guidance) at your active project.

You want good SEO services as cheap as possible?

Would you like to get some insights and insights on the subject yourself?

Do you love that feeling when your own work is successful?

Get it now – our offer for you

SEO Lite
$499,- per month

Competition and market analysis

On- & Offpage IST analysis incl. Corresponding reporting
Creation of a Prio plan

Monthly benefits:

Action plan including assistance

Development of general visibility
Current on-page analysis
Keyword monitoring (max 30 pcs)

Optional additional services


With our backlink service we offer a cheap option to support your offpage optimization.

Create SEO texts

We are happy to offer suitable, SEO-optimized texts for you to create. We calculate the SEO texts to be created per word. The price per word varies depending on the topic, e.g. based on the research effort, required expertise etc.
Gladly we offer you the best possible, individual price to your unique text.