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Click on „Apply for free SEO analysis“ and enter your contact details, your domain and your competitors in our contact form on the following page and get your free SEO analysis. You want to know which SEO improvements need to be made on your website? We look forward to checking your domain and telling you which aspects of your site need to be optimized.

Together we lay the foundation!

You’ll learn the factors that need to be taken care of: content, title, meta-description, internal linking, pageviews, mobile-front-endness, etc. are some of the things a web-site operator should be aware of. Knowing which factors are important and need to be improved is a good basis.

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Visibility Rating

We take an actual stand, how well are you currently found, with how many and under which keywords can you find your project and more. It is important to see and measure the visibility in relation to one or more competitors in order to obtain a realistic and relevant result.


Content is King – this (SEO) phrase has been haunting the scene for years, rightly so! First and foremost, the content should be unique. That Do not copy any text, but always formulate it yourself. The more detailed and all-encompassing you are with the respective content topic, the better the content is rated and ranked by Google.


Meta-data is a topic that is often misused and / or not used by „ignorant“ and beginners. It is important to correctly fill or use the page title, meta-description and the H-headings. Important, do not use the H headings for the visual design of your page, but use HTML commands.


Besides good content and correct meta-data, off-page optimization is a very important and time-consuming area of SEO work. It is important to avoid bad or spam links and to build up good backlinks. The more elevante pages link to your own, matching content, the better this content is ranked.


Those who still have not realized that a mobile site is required, should prioritize this site. The use of a mobile page is very different from a desktop view. The optimization should also be done especially for mobile devices.

Get your SEO analysis!
Get NOW your free SEO analysis.

Use SEO analysis correctly


The first step is the correct evaluation of the SEO analysis. Recognize mistakes and potentials. We are happy to assist you - free of charge.

Prioritize actions

Basically you should check direct errors and possibly critical backlinks and eliminate them. Otherwise, focus should be on onpage analysis first before starting offpage optimization. If you provide good content, links will also build on their own, as good content is often linked, even without having to actively promote link building.

Implement measures

Creating an SEO analysis or having it created and evaluated does not bring any success. Take the time to work it out too. You invest sustainably in your web project!


A one-time analysis and its "editing" is not a sustainable SEO optimization. Errors in the code, updates of your own CMS, new content, changes in the Google algorithm, etc. are good reasons to carry out ongoing analysis and to constantly monitor yourself.

Your SEO Analysis

After receiving your free SEO analysis, we are happy to call you to discuss our analysis with you and help you understand the next steps.
SEO is a long-term and effective way to improve your ranking. Google is constantly updating there algorithm. So that you are always up to date here, it is important to keep yourself informed about the updates. As experts, we always know in advance what trends are emerging on Google.

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SEO Lite

With SEO Lite we go together directly to the next step after the SEO analysis. We continuously monitor your project, provide active assistance and present the results transparently in regular reportings.

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By saving on the biggest cost factor of „working time“ by guiding you instead of executing them, we can achieve this top price while achieving the desired performance.

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Classic full service SEO support – 100% service, 100% result. For best results we tailor your individual offer.

With optimized on and off page optimization, we achieve optimal rankings as quickly as possible.

We always work transparently. You will receive detailed reports on the measures that have been implemented and are yet to be implemented. Of course, we also visualize the corresponding results and successes of the measures implemented.