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New customers with SEA

ad-Shot is your first stop for Google Ads (formerly Ad Words) and Bing Ads The search for a partner to manage your Google Ads campaigns is over! With ad-Shot you have found your top level support team! Our team of SEA specialists will be happy to set up your campaigns or take over already active campaigns - at the best conditions. Your new team of specialists not only takes care of your search campaigns, but also has a very high expertise in the areas of Google Shopping, Remarketing and the Google Display Network.

What is SEA?

Search Engine Advertising - SEA, is an important part of online marketing. Together with SEO, SEA is it a component of search engine marketing (SEM). SEA involves placing advertisements on popular search engines such as Bing and Google. One of the goals in SEA is to increase the click-through-rate - but more important is the conversion rate in the form of sales. The reach of the ads depends on the invested ad budget and the search volume of the booked keywords / search terms.

Our SEA services

  • 01Initial conversation and goal definition
  • 02Setting up or optimizing your account
  • 03Research and creation of a suitable keyword list
  • 04Creation of effective ads - adapted to your target audience
  • 05Determining the purchase relevance of your ads and improving click-through rates with A/B split tests
  • 06Analysis and development of optimization approaches for your website / landing page
  • 07Monitoring account activity - checking budget and adjusting display items
  • 08Regular reporting

Your benefits at a glance

The best conditions at all times - Individual, customized compensation models (CPO, fixed salary, percentage).

Sales increase
Your campaigns are not optimized for click-through rates, but for sales rates. This way, we optimize and determine the really relevant keywords for you and not only those that merely achieve a high click-through rate but do not generate any effective added value.

You have 100% access to your account at all times and can see what changes have been made to your account and when.

The basic goal is a constant, sustainable increase in the efficiency of your campaign. With us you save money permanently and never spend more than absolutely necessary!

We maintain and live a close, personal relationship with our customers. The fast and permanent exchange of information makes it possible to optimize the campaigns in the best possible way at any time.

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