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Our services as a classic full service agency

ad-Shot is your full service agency from Hamburg and helps you choose the right strategy and implement it in a sustainable and operational way.
With us, you get all of the necessary services and products from a single source!
We use our expertise to help establish your company on the market and make it competitive in the long term.  We offer these following services to help get you onto the fast lane:


Affiliate-Marketing is our passion and our core area of expertise. Get your website and your products and services the best recommendations. Together, we use a wide range of measures to generate new customers, increase traffic, and increase sales, all without risk.


Email-Marketing marketing has never been more up to date! Between 2002 and 2015, the proportion of Internet users in the population grew from 38% to 81%. Above all, the ability to retrieve emails on the go, email is still a popular means of communication. Together, we will maximize this potential in the best possible way.

Search engine marketing

SEM includes all online marketing measures designed to get more visitors to check out your web presence. A distinction is made between paid advertisements on search engines (SEA) and measures take to your site to ensure that Google’s algorithms send more visitors your way (search engine optimization or SEO).
SEM marketing offers many advantages, especially convenience, the ability to control it, and to target potential customers with laser precision.


Other services related to online marketing and performance without a firm commitment to an agency can be found under ad-Shot⁺. The following services are available there:
Convert TCX to boost your conversion rate instantly.
Backlink service: high-quality and relevant links from other sites to your webpage are a central factor in Google’s rankings. We ensure a healthy and authentic set of backlinks.
Banner design: a picture is worth more than a thousand words. We offer fair prices to create banners that drive conversions!


880% of all internet users use social media in their everyday lives. Social media usage has reached a record level. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are becoming increasingly important when it comes to reaching your target audiences. We’ll help you dive into the world of Social-Media-Marketing effectively and turn prospective customers into fans and expand your customer base. Get in touch today and see what we can do together.