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Reach your customers and get new target groups.

Email Marketing

Get excited about email marketing by ad-Shot!

Are you looking for an agency that offers email marketing, has high standards and is writing to the highest standards of your customers? Then take advantage of the opportunities that ad-shot offers.

We offer you a large number of statistical selection options, which allow you to reach your target group where it really makes sense and minimize wastage. A variety of different attributes we can offer you, which we can use for both selections as well as for personalization.

Possible Attributes




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40/5000 E-mail marketing to reach your customers

We have rich, high-quality lists, with a potential of several million exclusive e-mail addresses in the.
Of course, we regularly extend and renew these lists with extensive methods for generating addresses, so that this potential can be constantly expanded and this channel remains inexhaustible and sustainably attractive to you.


Use one of the most powerful marketing tools with email retargeting. Every mailing campaign offers the possibility to use different variants in the field of retargeting:
ad-Shot offers you the option to send retargeting e-mails. That means contacting prospects with reminder mailings
or to set up a retargeting via Facebook or to write to interested parties on Facebook again.

Build your own customer base and keep it up to date

Personalize your newsletter and send your mails with an individual title in the subject line, as well as in the mailing itself. We also offer you to integrate coupon codes and to fill out the form fields.

Your advantage:

Of course, we offer you the opportunity to customize your e-mail newsletters for relevant target groups. Before sending your newsletters, automatic updates of all lists will be done by managing a central blacklist.

At a glance:

efficient anti-spam check for all relevant providers (templates, subject line, etc.)
scrupulous tests (such as smartphone review)
Shipping by text, HTML or multipart possible
Successful e-mail marketing today requires optimal shipping solutions. In this area, ad-Shot cooperates with leading providers in the market. We provide high-performance email delivery solutions via whitelisted CSA servers including reporting tools. The respective campaigns are implemented by our partner for you.