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Attractive banner designs for your online marketing campaigns


Attraktives Bannerdesign für Ihre Online Marketing Kampagne

As an online marketing agency, it’s in our own interest to present our campaigns as well as possible with strong banner designs. We can now create attractive and successful advertising banners for your online shop to support the campaigns we manage. We design these specifically for each client and provide individual support and high quality banners at attractive prices!

Horizontal formats

The most important horizontal format is the leaderboard banner measuring 728×90 pixels. [] This format is almost exclusively used as a large format header for websites. It is located in a directly visible area of the site as it loads and its size guarantees a lot of attention. Smaller horizontal formats like the half-size (234×60) or full-size banner (438×60) are mostly used to separate different content areas and articles.

Content ad formats

Content ads are rectangular, sometimes square formats that offer a lot of room for creativity. The most common format is medium rectangle (300×250). Square formats such as 125×125, 250×250, and 500×500 are also often used. As the name suggests, these banners are mostly embedded in the content or displayed between different sections of content. Alternatively, this type of banner is also used in email and newsletter (templates).

Skyscraper formats

These vertical format banners are found mainly on the right or left edge of the screen and offer enough space to attract the attention of the users. [] As their name suggests, these banners are distinguished by their special height and are available in various dimensions. The most common format is 120×600 pixels. Other formats are 160×600 pixels (wide skyscraper) and 120×300 pixels (half skyscraper)

Statisches Banner-Set
7 Formate inklusive:
728×90, 250×250, 300×250,
120×600, 160×600, 234×60,
Animiertes Banner-Set
7 Formate inklusive:
728×90, 250×250, 300×250,
120×600, 160×600, 234×60,

Banner design for print and special formats

The classic online formats not enough? No problem! Whether you need banners to print or for your shop, shop window, or trade fair stand, we can help you create the best design to fit your needs. Please use the following link to contact us and let us know what you have in mind. We’ll then get back to you as soon as possible.

Important considerations for banner design

In what follows, we would like to give you some basic information about banner design. If you want to use banners for advertising, there are various aspects to consider and check before approving the final design. Since banners are usually not only placed directly on content pages, but also on advertising networks and ad exchanges, you should find out their exact specifications and restrictions and specify these when ordering a banner design. Typically, the Google network has the most stringent rules for the banners it displays. These should absolutely be considered in your banner design.

Google Ad Exchange banner rules:

The banner must be clearly recognizable as such

The banner must be recognizable as such and stand out clearly from the background of the website where it is to be displayed. This means that a banner that contains a lot of black or white in the background, for example, needs a visible frame with a contrasting color. This prevents users from getting the impression that the banner is part of the site’s content and not an advertisement.

A negativ example:

Animated banners have to stop after 30 seconds at the latest

If you decide to use animated banners, you should make sure that the animation stops after 30 seconds at the latest and does not continue indefinitely. This applies to gif, html, or Flash animations.

The negative example in banner design should clearly show what you should look out for and have been explained in the previous paragraphs. This banner would most likely be excluded by Google as an advertising medium. We suspect that the basic idea of this banner design was a very clean banner with a focus on the product and the dog. Basically, the banner can be easily integrated into any kind of page, but it is just not clearly recognizable as an ad. Definitely useful for direct placement on blogs & content pages, but useless with programmatic approach and high-performance performance marketing campaigns without any overhaul or greatly reduced benefits.

File sizes in banner design

The image files cannot exceed a certain size. To keep the resulting data traffic as low as possible, Google sets maximum file sizes that cannot be exceeded. These are set at 50 KB, but we recommend not exceeding 30 KB. This limit also limits the final design, but what good is a beautiful banner if it can’t be displayed?

SSL encryption

Banners should be hosted in an SSL-enabled environment. The encryption chain should also be maintained up to the target link. This means that the landing page must also be encrypted. It is important to know that this does not fall within the purview of the graphic artist.

If one or more of these rules are violated, Google will generally reject the banner.

IMPORTANT: If this information is not conveyed to the designer from the start, you’ll have no basis for later complaints. You will have to pay for any re-editing required.

Banner design in different file formats

Advertising banners come in different formats. Each format has its advantages and disadvantages. These include:

Static banners

Static banners are just that: images or graphics without any further animation. These are usually the most affordable option. Compared to other formats, however, they tend to attract fewer click-throughs than banners with animation.

gif-animated banners

gif banners are the simplest form of animated banners. The animation is created here by changing layers. Depending on the speed at which they change, a few nice effects can be achieved, but this technology is also limited. In short, a .gif animation can deliver a quick flip book of images; more complex animations and/or effects require an HTML 5 banner.

Flash banners

Flash banners are another type of animated banner, but they are in danger of extinction. For security and performance reasons, Firefox announced last year that it would be completely shutting Flash down by the end of 2017. This also applies to videos. The Safari, Chrome, and Edge browsers have also gradually started to block Flash content. For this reason, we advise you not to create any new banners or videos in Flash format. We recommend that you convert existing content to HTML 5 or re-create it.

HTML 5 banners


HTML 5 is the latest standard. HTML 5 offers the following advantages:

  • HTML 5 does not require a separate plugin to make the corresponding content visible or displayable.
  • HTML 5 is easily viewed by all of the major current browsers.
  • HTML 5 content can be correctly captured and indexed by Google. Google can now „read“ images & graphics.
  • MOBILE: Unlike Flash, HTML 5 content is also responsive. This means that it can automatically adapt itself to the user’s device as long as SVG vector files are used.