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Strong banners, staged in the best possible way.

As an online marketing agency, we have an interest in ensuring that our campaigns are presented in the best possible light with a strong banner design. So that we can always stand behind the campaigns, we have also made it our business to create attractive and successful advertising banners for your online store ourselves. We design them individually for each customer. In addition, you receive individual support and high-quality banners - at attractive prices!

All formats - no problems

  • 01Vertical formats
  • 02Content-ad formats
  • 03Skyscraper formats

Vertical formats
The most important vertical format is the leaderboard banner with the dimensions 728×90 pixels. This is also called Superbanner or Bigsize. The format is almost exclusively used as a large format in the header of a website. Thus, it is in the directly visible area and with its size it also has a very strong advertising effect. Smaller formats like the Half- (234×60) or Full-Size (438×60) are mostly used as fillers between different content areas & articles.

Content ads are rectangular, partly square formats that leave a lot of room for creativity. The most frequently used format is "Medium Rectangle" in the 300×250 format. Furthermore, square formats such as 125×125, 250×250 or 500×500 are frequently used. As the name suggests, these banners are usually embedded in the content or are shown between different content. Alternatively, this type of banner is also often used in emails and newsletter (templates).

Skyscraper formats
These portrait format banners are found mainly on the right or left side of the screen at the edge and offer there enough space to attract the attention of users. These banners are characterized by their special height and are available in different dimensions. The most common format is 120×600 pixels. Other formats are 160 x 600 pixels (wide skyscraper) and 120 x 300 pixels - half-skyscraper.

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