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Affiliate Marketing is our passion. We live and breathe it!

Not only do we know and understand the market, but we also love working on your behalf. We combine the traditional values ​​of an affiliate marketing agency with fresh, new elements. As your affiliate marketing agency, we always provide you with the latest measures and technologies as well as tried-and-tested ones to drive your path to success.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing, also known as partner programs, is based on the idea of online recommendations.

The core idea is that a person, website, or service provider already trusted by a potential customer will makes a recommendation for a product and/or shop that leads to a purchase or an order. If the deal is closed, the advertising partner is paid a commission.

How does affiliate marketing work?


Advantages of affiliate marketing

No risk

Don’t like TKP or CPC deals? You’ve been thinking about what you’ll get in the end? Then affiliate marketing is just right for you! You only incur costs when you actually make a sale!

No fixed budgets necessary

If correctly calculated, affiliate marketing finances itself directly from the sales generated. The total costs incurred are included in the commission structure. This gives you full cost control.


One channel, many possibilities! Affiliate marketing is more than just blogs and content pages. Use almost all known performance measures through affiliate marketing.

How today’s affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing goes far beyond the classic approach of blogs and private recommendations. This means that we can tap into all relevant measures of performance marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the modern form of marketing products and services through online advertising partners. With the help of these partners (affiliates), you have the possibility to achieve several goals with only one action:

Increase revenue

Increase traffic and user numbers

Gain new customers

Set up or strengthen your sales network

Use various advertising measures such as prospecting, retargeting, display advertising, and more … WITHOUT risk!

Potential performance measures

Display & postview campaigns

With display campaigns, your banners are disseminated blindly on high-traffic content pages. This creates a very strong branding effect.
In affiliate marketing, display/post-view campaigns are generally supported for retargeting campaigns in order to bring new customers or generally more traffic to the shop. Display/post-view bring a lot of traffic in new, strong environments to intensify new customer acquisition.

Predictive targeting

Predictive targeting also disseminates your banner ads,
but here user data is used from the publisher’s own or external sources to target it more precisely.
Either there is a set of data matching the product or identifying „data twins“ allows you to zoom in on your core group or specific marketplaces.
Not only are the users pre-selected to see your ads, but also the environments in order to minimize losses from distraction.

Product & Price Comparison

High-traffic price comparison sites mostly list exclusively on a click-through basis.
We have ways to achieve a CPO-listing on those sites or can rely on known publishers. These lists then refinance the costs incurred with CPO revenue. A listing (only) on the large portals is not always useful. Of course, with a partner program, we also reach smaller, matching niche platforms, some even performing better than the big „generalists“.


In recent years, retargeting has become one of the most powerful measures for almost all online shops and service providers. Over 90% of the (first) visitors of a shop leave without making a purchase. In the case of retargeting, targeted advertising banners on various content pages, such as email providers, daily newspapers, forums, etc., are addressed to a single user who previously visited your shop without buying. This results in targeted return and the closing of the sale. Features: search retargeting & email retargeting

Newsletter - & Email - Kampagnen

Email marketing and sending newsletters are still sold to clients on a TKP basis. But the client bears all the risk and there are doubts as to quality. Frequently only one-time campaigns are booked and the click-through rate is guaranteed by some providers.
With CPO-based billing, pre-selecting the recipients requires a lot more work and fewer potential recipients, which is why many providers don’t offer CPO billing.

Google Ad-Words, Shopping, Remarketing

This is where CPC (cost per click) is incurred. Whether you’re running AdWords, listing on Google Shopping, or using Google Remarketing (retargeting). All of these measures can also be handled by a publisher. The costs for these measures are paid by the partners out of their own pockets. They try to cover these costs through CPOrevenue. Strong publishers use their own Google account to advertise the affiliate program using AdWords and then advertise the landing page directly or redirect first to their own content and then to the advertised shop in a second step.


Mobile is currently the marketing measure seeing the largest growth.
Not only the number of providers who can generally deliver mobile reliably, but also the number of potential partners that provide marketing on a CPO basis is growing, but you’ll need your own mobile shop or app first.
Up to 2014, there were hardly any providers on the market who were able to target advertising to mobile devices or offer in-app advertising.

On-Site solutions

Marketing measures already integrated directly into shops offer several advantages since they immediately deliver a positively influence on purchase decisions.
Result: immediate conversions. Links can be effectively set up for ongoing campaigns. Add overlays to prevent customers from leaving your shop help drive immediate purchases. Usually it’s only one last, small incentive that the user needs to convert.