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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing, also known as partner programs, can also be translated as "referral marketing". The core idea is that a person, website or service provider, which a potential customer trusts, makes a recommendation for a product and / or a store or service provider and based on this recommendation a purchase / order or booking is made. A successful recommendation is then remunerated to the advertising partner in the form of a commission.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

Do you have a bellyache with CPM or click deals? You are concerned about what "under the sting" remains for you? Then affiliate marketing is just right for you! Here, costs are only incurred when an added value (sales, leads, bookings, etc.) have actually occurred, adjusted for cancellations!

Affiliate marketing is financed, if it is calculated correctly, straight from the sales generated. We include the total costs incurred in the commission structure. This gives you additional full cost control.

1 channel - many possibilities! Affiliate marketing is more than just blogs and content sites. Use almost all known performance measures via affiliate marketing.

Approach of today's affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing now goes far beyond the classic approach of blogs and private recommendations. we stand by our statement "(almost) everything except SEO" here. This means that we can now draw from all relevant measures of performance marketing by means of our partner network. Affiliate marketing is the modern form of marketing products and services via online advertising partners. With the help of these partners (affiliates) you have the opportunity to achieve several goals with only one measure:

  • 01Increase in sales
  • 02Increase in user numbers
  • 03New customer acquisition
  • 04Building or strengthening a / your distribution network
  • 05Use of advertising measures such as: Prospecting, Retargeting, Display Advertising, and more... WITHOUT risk!

Potential Performance Measures

Display - & Postview - campaigns
With display measures, the banners are "blindly" scattered on high-reach content pages. This causes a very strong branding effect. In affiliate marketing, display / post-view campaigns are usually switched to support retargeting campaigns to bring new customers or generally more traffic to the store. Display / Post-View support through a lot of traffic in new, strong environments strengthened the acquisition of new customers.

With the Pre-Targeting also banner advertisement is scattered. The big difference is, however, that here with user data from Publisher own or external sources is worked. Either there is a data stock fitting to the product or it is formed by exact information to the core target group "data twins" or on special market places even data are bought. Not only the user to be advertised is precisely preselected, but also the appropriate environments are determined in order to minimize scattering losses.

Product - & Price Comparison
High-reach price comparison sites, such as Check24, Idealo, etc..., usually list exclusively on a click basis. We have the opportunity to achieve a CPO-based listing directly with the pages or fall back on well-known publishers. These list on their own account and refinance the costs incurred through the CPO income. It does not always make sense to list (only) on the big portals. Of course, we reach with a partner program equally smaller, suitable niche platforms, which sometimes even perform better than the large "generalists".

In recent years, retargeting has become one of the most conversion-boosting measures for almost all online stores and service providers. Over 90% of (first-time) visitors to a store leave again without buying. With retargeting, a single user who has previously visited your store without buying is targeted again with suitable advertising banners on various content sites, such as e-mail providers, daily newspapers, forums, etc.. This achieves a targeted return as well as the conclusion of the purchase. Special features: Search retargeting & email retargetin

Newsletter - & Email - Campaigns
Email marketing and also the dispatch of newsletters is sold today still on TKP basis to customers. Any risk lies with the customer, quality is partly also to doubt. Often only one-time campaigns are booked, possibly the opening rate is guaranteed by some providers. With a CPO-based billing requires already the pre-selection of recipients a much higher effort and also loss of potential recipients, why many providers reject a CPO billing.

Google Ads, Shopping, Remarketing
Click costs are incurred here in principle.Regardless of whether Google Ads are used, listings in Google shopping results or Google Remarketing (Retargeting). Google's own retargeting - Google Remarketing can also be taken over by a publisher. Partners pay the click costs incurred for these measures out of their own pocket at their own risk and try to refinance these expenses via the CPO revenues. A listing in the Google shopping results on CPO is also possible. However, strong publishers create a corresponding Google account when applying the affiliate program using Google Ads and then advertise the target page or first their own page and redirect in the 2nd step to the store to be advertised

Mobile - Traffic
Mobile is currently the marketing measure, which is experiencing the greatest growth at the moment. Meanwhile, not only the number of providers who can generally deliver mobile reliably is growing, but also the number of potential partners, who also make it possible to advertise on a CPO basis (assuming a mobile store or their own app). Up to and including 2014, there were hardly any providers on the market who could advertise mobile devices specifically at all or place in-app advertising.

On-site measures
Marketing measures that are already integrated directly on the store page offer several advantages: The user is immediately positively influenced in his purchase decision. Result: Customer converts immediately, not later. It can be effectively pointed to ongoing actions & campaigns.The switching of overlays to avoid purchase cancellations support the immediate conclusion of the purchase. Mostly only a last small incentive is missing to bring the user directly to conversion.

4 simple steps to a successful affiliate program
  • 01Competitor Analysis - We look at how your competitors are already positioned in affiliate marketing.
  • 02Network selection - The insights gained are used to select the optimal network.
  • 03Program description - We create the program description and advertising materials (if needed).
  • 04Scaling - We now take care of publisher acquisition, promotion planning and growth on an ongoing basis.

We take over the complete communication with the advertising partners. Of course, we also keep an eye on regular reporting and analysis of current developments.

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